by Charles B Blair

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Autumn Aelwyd
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Autumn Aelwyd I love this whole album, which is rare for Wizard Rock (though this doesn't feel like wrock) usually I only like a few tracks. I think I came across it on MySpace years ago. Glad to own it now :) Favorite track: The Lonely Half-Giant.
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Written and recorded in Omaha, Dallas, and Japan


released June 30, 2006

All songs written by Brandon Blair
Performed by Brandon Blair, Tyler Donaldson, Sam Tucker



all rights reserved


Charles B Blair Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Trainride
All our trunks are stowed
Farewells all said
This train has run
So now we sit and take what’s left
Of summer’s final breath
As our lives roll by
Like portraits and
Just as hours will grow up to be days
Just as I remain a face in the window
This portrait’s never the same
The daylight was waning
And the thoughts came unbidden
As the sky began raining
And the landscape was hidden
By raindrops painting
Their tip tap pictures on windows
This train ride’s a quick one
And no one can see
Just where you will, who you will, what you will be
In time you’ll hear whistles and calls for the end of the line

But I soon left these thoughts
And played gobstones with Ron
Had a laugh at just how many times he had won
And I smiled to think of the stories we’ll have
When we’re done

As our lives roll by,
Like portraits and landscapes
Just as hours will grow up to be days
While I remain a face in the window
This portrait’s never the same
Track Name: Portraits
I was climbing stairs
When I ran into you
So let us walk as one
Just us two
We’ll walk away the day
No place to end up
Find portraits on display
And greet them on their way
I wish for this the most
To one day be the same
Lost in eternal spring
Within one of these frames
I’d sleep beneath that tree
The one by the lakeside
As sun came sifting down
To illuminate you at my side
The perfect picture, am I right?
You will become part of me
Like leaf to twig and branch to tree tonight
I walk here on my own
Whenever I need time
To hide away alone
Here’s a secret:
The halls, they are alive
As life goes on inside
So many worlds collide
In Blues and Reds…
The perfect picture, am I right?
Track Name: Lakeside Friends
Hey, friend, class is done
Down the stairs we run
Out those doors and cross the grounds
To the lakeside ripe the laughter
Warm with sun
Here we while away our days
Like the blossoms in springtime we grow
Trees are not books yet, just friends who give shade
But they’re just as important to know
They’re friends…
Like the wind and the water
On days just like these
They’re some of the best friends I know
Track Name: An Autumn Note
Dear Ron and Hermione,
I’m in a bind, you see
I will be late to the table tonight
I’m just a bit busy
But please don’t worry about me
All the trees look so high from here
Speckled red yellow brown I fear
I will run a bit late to the table tonight

These flame tipped leaves are all racing in this Autumn’s breeze
They don’t stop or throw glances at me in their trip through the trees
Past the portrait I see the fire is crackling pleasantly
And look, there’s a letter for me, as Hedwig sleeps silently

Run to Great Hall and save a seat for me
Padfoot’s alone so I’ll send him this song to keep company
Run to Great Hall and save a seat for me
If you run into Malfoy, just please, please jinx him for me
Ron, save me a pasty
The one with blueberries,
Signed Harry
Track Name: The Lonely Half-Giant
Holds his lantern tight
Branches bend, but he won’t care to break them
With his home in sight
Takes a knee as his friend runs to greet him
What a thing love is
To never be lonely as the only one big as you are
And I cherish this
And, oh, how I miss

Morning post
Those notes you wrote
Scribbled out so hastily
“Do you have room
This afternoon
To share a cup of tea
And if you’re hungry
Don’t you fret
The rock cakes
Aren’t all eaten yet”

Stormy times tonight
Raindrops wash over candlelit windows
Things just don’t feel right
I’m missing the talks in your hut eaved in autumn
But is this just who we are
Lonely friends to the same sad star
We’re blinking like fireflies sharing our time in the sky
And I charish this
And, oh, how I miss

Our walks upon
The forest floor
Always looking out for me
What would you say to Saturday
And a steaming cup of tea
And if you’re hungry don’t you fret
They haven’t closed the kitchens yet
And don’t you even dream of being late…

He puts the letter down
Takes his jacket off
And puts the kettle on
Track Name: Winter Burrow / One Glowing Window
I’m holding hands with Wintertime
Through the window glass
I feel the frost and trace the lines
Of the owls that pass
Scared as I was, I would never
Think to leave you here
Voices drifting from behind
Pull me down the stairs
Because I know I’ll always find
My family waiting there
The Burrow is a battleground
On every day it snows
And with both the Weasley twins around
You’re always changing clothes
I will never know the cold again
Nor hunger will I feel
Because I’ll carry all these memories
Safe against me like a shield
They’ve got so much love to give
That I can scarce contain it all
But I’ll wear it as a blanket
When the snow begins to fall
How I wish that I could bottle all
The memories we’ve had
I would keep them locked away
Inside the trunk beneath my bed
And if ever you were feeling down
This world too much to bear
I would open up this bottle here
And with you together we’d share
Your backyard
With a billion stars
And us at large
In your Dad’s car
Track Name: The Grim's Lament
A hunted man runs
The haunted man runs
Through hill and dust
And brambled mire
Hiding in dark, but
Longing to see the light
Track Name: Vigil
This candle lives that I might see
It’s casting shadows that are haunting me
Our school, our lives, our history
My newest scar to bear, but fresh and bleeding

Hold on to our dreams
And swear to fight along with me
With open eyes and wand in hand
And help me end this sorrow

And as this flame burns low I see
All that I loved now flickered out to memory
My school, my life, and what was left of family
Left all betrayed but he will soon meet me

I remember the feasts and the grounds we all tread
And the first time I knew what it mean to be home
Track Name: The Scar
I could dream each dream a million times
Lately every scream seems louder still
I can fight him now when I’m awake
But the battle rages on inside my bed

Dark the night the Dark One came
And since that night I’ll never be the same
I clutch your letters to my chest
And thank my friends for sharing all my pain

Soaring through the sky, my broomstick climbs
Your cheers will overcome the winter’s chill
Though father’s tears I’ll never see
Today I feel them here
Track Name: The Astronomy Tower
Hush now, lest they hear
And find out where we ran
Put your pillows down
For sleep is not our plan
Gaze upon this place I’ve found
I told you I’d come through
This sparkling blanket of the night
Won’t tell us what to do